Seminars in English

The following seminars in our program can also be offered in English (others on request):

Powerful Presentations
Making presentations, giving lectures or just speaking freely in front of groups are part of our everyday work life at almost any level of an organisation. Be it with customers, in team meetings, in front of management or in a training situation. mehr
Negotiation Techniques
According to the American expert John K. Galbraith, "negotiation is the most common and problematic activity between two people". At work, we constantly negotiate – openly or covertly – with customers and suppliers, other departments, colleagues, superiors or team members. mehr
Project Management - Foundation
Increasingly complex work tasks can only be processed efficiently through well-structured and coordinated cooperation. For that reason, project work and project teams play a central role in today’s business world. mehr
Project Management - Advanced
Whoever wants to manage projects proficiently, needs to have a clear idea of what leadership means, a sound set of communication skills and an insight into the group dynamics of project teams. This training focuses on these attributes and ... mehr
Project Management - Tools and Techniques
Efficient project management requires efficient methods. Project work becomes notably more successful with optimised access to methodological skills, knowledge about professional steering and coordinating of projects. mehr
Successful Selling with the “VertriebsNavigator” ("Dialog-Navigator")
You can arrive at sales success as certainly as you can reach your destination by using a car navigation system ... mehr
This seminar is geared towards employees and senior management members who wish to impart their knowledge to a target group in an interesting and result-oriented manner. The participants of this seminar receive the methodology, techniques and pedagogical fundamentals for training multipliers within the company. mehr
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
This seminar is directed toward employees and management with financial responsibility who wish to understand how finance functions within their own company. This seminar opens the secrets of finance on an individual, group and company-wide level. mehr

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