Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Understanding finance at a personal and business level

This seminar is directed toward employees and management with financial responsibility who wish to understand how finance functions within their own company. This seminar opens the secrets of finance on an individual, group and company-wide level.


The participants…
•    become aware of their own financial "blueprint",
•    understand how cash flows, and the difference between assets and
•    get an overview of national and international accounting systems,
•    get an overview and insight into the company annual report, and are able to
      make some interpretations for managerial benefit,
•    are introduced to key financial ratios and financial concepts and their
•    become aware of the capital market function, (e.g. basic financial indicators
      used by analysts, shareholder value, methods for determining the value of
      companies and brands),
•    learn that the complex topic of finance is easy to grasp, and hands-on.


•    Focus on understanding finance at a personal and business level
•    Learn and make decisions about income, expenses, assets and liabilities
      through the learning tool "Cashflow 101"
•    Function of economic-financial management
•    Relationship between Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow
•    Learn over 100 of the most commonly used financial terms and what they
•    Preparation for company specific terms and vocabulary tested
•    Discussions held on basic business sense, customer value, human capital
      value, and specific company terms as related to a broader context
•    A more specific company workshop to understand the Income Statement
      and business decisions concerning it is held as Day II on request. This is
      done in cooperation with the company’s financial experts.
•    ... (other topics may be included by prior agreement)
•    Theory-to-practice-transfer
        o    Q&A, discussions, support groups on request
        o    Real life situations suggested by the participants
        o    Practical advise and solutions for daily work
        o    Long-term anchoring of key aspects   

After the training

•    By prior agreement the group can be offered a follow-up workshop (for
      training purposes and thematic immersion).
•    A coaching session over the phone or in person is also possible.

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