Negotiation Techniques

Negotiate Professionally – Make your point!

According to the American expert John K. Galbraith, "negotiation is the most common and problematic activity between two people". At work, we constantly negotiate – openly or covertly – with customers and suppliers, other departments, colleagues, superiors or team members.
Whoever knows how to strategically and tactically present their arguments is one step ahead.


•    You prepare for negotiations in order to better represent your interests.
•    You know the most important negotiation styles and methods.
•    You are able to present your point of view with conviction and precision.
•    You have the ability to reason with confidence – internally and when dealing
      with customers.    
•    You are capable of handling objections appropriately and purposefully and
      you can cope with critical moments during a negotiation.
•    You stay in charge even when negotiations become demanding and difficult.


Convincing others - basic techniques

•    Negotiation styles and methods: useful theoretical knowledge (e.g. „The
      Harvard Concept“) for your daily work
•    Formulate your own interests in advance – find out what the other side is
      looking for...
•    Self-reflection and self-monitoring as a basis for successful negotiating

Line of reasoning: structures and techniques

•    Structure negotiations and adhere to the right „format“
•    Systematically apply interviewing techniques to enhance performance
•    Introducing neutral, generally accepted assessment criteria?
•    When to react "soft", when "tough“?

Confident handling of obstacles and objections

•    Personality types in negotiations: Which behaviour does my counterpart
•    Staying professional in difficult negotiations: Dealing with objections,
      defending yourself against “killer phrases”, dealing with aggression and
•    Fair and unfair negotiation tactics, manipulation techniques and how to
      defend yourself against them

Optimise personal communication

•    Negotiation body language
•    Right behaviour when the dealing with different negotiating positions


•    Q&A, discussions, support groups on request
•    Real life situations suggested by the participants
•    Practical advise and solutions for daily work
•    Long-term anchoring of key aspects


Participants are invited to bring their own negotiation projects to use in case studies.

After the training ...

•    By prior agreement the group can be offered a follow-up workshop (for
      training purposes and thematic immersion).
•    Participants can be put on our mailing list for the newsletter "Notes and
      News" regarding negotiation. This free newsletter will be sent out
•    A coaching session over the phone or in person is also possible.

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