Powerful Presentations

Presenting information, presenting yourself

Making presentations, giving lectures or just speaking freely in front of groups are part of our everyday work life at almost any level of an organisation. Be it with customers, in team meetings, in front of management or in a training situation: a professional appearance and successful presentation technique are the foundation of communicating for results.
If any of the above mentioned situations tend to make you feel a little uneasy, there is great benefit in refreshing, deepening and updating your knowledge on optimising your presentation style in this very hands-on training.


After having attended this seminar…
•    you will know and be able to use various visualisation and presentation
      techniques; and you will know when and how to use them.
•    you will give skilful presentations of your ideas or project results – within the
      company or in front of customers.
•    you will be proficient in dealing with challenging moments during a speech or
      a presentation.
•    you will be aware of your own strengths when speaking in front of an
      audience and develop those strengths.
•    you will use body language purposefully and will be credible and authentic.


Effective presentations

•    Significance of presentations and lectures for your own positioning within
      your organisation
•    Differences and similarities: Presentation – Lecture – Speech

Planning and preparation of presentations/lectures

•    Define your goal
•    Create a structure/dramaturgy
•    Design the different stages of a presentation
•    Develop individual components
•    Give it a personal touch
•    Find a "happy ending"

Develop your presentation

•    Psychological fundamentals of a successful presentation
•    Visualisation techniques for simple and complex issues
•    Goal-oriented usage of media as the situation demands ("media mix")
•    Activate and motivate participants

Giving the presentation

•    Small or large „cheat sheet“? Find the right degree of "speaking without
•    "Tips and tricks" when using PowerPoint, an overhead projector, flip charts,
      pin boards... and yourself

Personal appearance and impact

•    Successful through authentic language and body language
•    Personal charisma: How much comes natural and how much is learnable?
•    "Rhetoric", "dialectic", "kinesics" and "mental techniques": How much of it is
      actually useful?
•    "Stage fright": Localize and treat fears and insecurities
•     What do I do with comments and questions during my presentation?
•    Dealing with heckling, show-offs and unexpected interruptions: quick-witted
      and flexible responses


•    Q&A, discussions, support groups on request
•    Real life situations suggested by the participants
•    Practical advise and solutions for daily work
•    Long-term anchoring of key aspects


Participants are invited to bring their own PowerPoint-presentations or lecture drafts “to play with” during the course of the seminar.   

After the training ...

•    By prior agreement the group can be offered a follow-up workshop (for
      training purposes and thematic immersion).
•    Participants can be put on our mailing list for the newsletter "Notes and
      News" regarding presentation. This free newsletter will be sent out
•    A coaching session over the phone or in person is also possible.

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