Successful Selling with the “VertriebsNavigator” ("Dialog-Navigator")

Systematically navigate to sales success

You can arrive at sales success as certainly as you can reach your destination by using a car navigation system.


Participants become aware of the philosophy behind and the methods of the sales model „VertriebsNavigator (VN)“. They use the GN-techniques skilfully in their day-to-day business and are confident when dealing with customers. They improve their negotiation skills as well as their ability to close deals.


•    Benefits, importance and implementation of the "VertriebsNavigator (VN)"
•    Why use the "VertriebsNavigator"? Successful selling can be planned – and
      the necessary skills acquired.
•    Focus on your customer, not your product
•    Stages of a systematic sales call
•    Analysis of the sales situation, account planning and efficient preparation for
      the sales call
•    Building relationships: the first few minutes matter most
•    Identify priorities: professional analysis of what the customer needs
•    Targeted presentation: pinpoint and reinforce the customer value
•    Manage feedback: dealing with your customer’s questions
•    Closing the deal: bring about an agreement, document results and plan the
•    Navigate through the GN-Model with your customer in mind
•    Exchanging and discussing sales experience in the GN-context
•    GN as a tool for strategic sales development
•    Coaching with GesprächsNavigator
•    ... (other topics may be included by prior agreement)
•    Theory-to-practice-transfer
        o    Q&A, discussions, support groups on request
        o    Real life situations suggested by the participants
        o    Practical advise and solutions for daily work
        o    Long-term anchoring of key aspects

After the training ...

•    By prior agreement the group can be offered a follow-up workshop (for
      training purposes and thematic immersion).
•    Participants can be put on our mailing list for the newsletter "Notes and
      News" regarding selling. This free newsletter will be sent out sporadically.
•    A coaching session over the phone or in person is also possible.

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