Run trainings successfully!

This seminar is geared towards employees and senior management members who wish to impart their knowledge to a target group in an interesting and result-oriented manner. The participants of this seminar receive the methodology, techniques and pedagogical fundamentals for training multipliers within the company.


After having attended this seminar…
•    you will be able to prepare and teach successful training sessions,
•    you will be able to present specialist knowledge according to the needs of
      our audience,
•    you will have optimised your appearance as a trainer,
•    you will have gained confidence in dealing with challenging participants and
      unexpected situations.


Employees and executives that wish to communicate specialist knowledge to small or large audiences.


•    What makes me successful as a trainer?
•    Analyse your target group: whom are you trying to reach?
•    Analyse your learning targets: what are you trying to get across?
•    Consider your audience’s information reception and processing
•    Find the right method of instruction for every occasion
•    Structure lectures and instructions clearly
•    Invigorate presentations by introducing interactive elements
•    Motivate the participants and deal with interferences
•    Use your participants’ resources
•    Present complex information by using metaphorical language
•    Intelligent use of audiovisual aids  
•    Design attractive handouts
•    Support transfer of learning
•    Theory-to-practice-transfer
        o    Q&A, discussions, support groups on request
        o    Real life situations suggested by the participants
        o    Practical advise and solutions for daily work
        o    Long-term anchoring of key aspects


•    Participants are invited to bring past or future teaching projects to use in
      case studies.
•    All participants get a DVD with a video recording of their teaching units and
       the feedback given.

After the training ...

•    By prior agreement the group can be offered a follow-up workshop (for
      training purposes and thematic immersion).
•    Participants can be put on our mailing list for the newsletter "Notes and
      News" regarding train-the-trainer. This free newsletter will be sent out
•    A coaching session over the phone or in person is also possible.

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